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Programming nursery of finished & unfinished projects by ranuzz

finished and unfinished projects

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Last updated 5 weeks ago

Changelog Posts

Solid takes from Changelog contributors

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Last updated 5 months ago

Lean in Berlin

A blog about product development, software development and service design

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Last updated 3 months ago

William Lyon

Software and startups.

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Previous Magazine

British Tech & Lifestyle Publication

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Biggest Trends and Talking Points of 2022

I will list the most significant trends in many subjects for 2022. I think most articles share too much fluff; for instance, I read many articles mentioning that companies should be focusing on user experience and that users are fed up with bad ones. That is too generic. I am

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Last updated 9 months ago

Alvaro Duran Studio

The primary source for my writing.

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Last updated 5 days ago


About design, entrepreneurship, productivity, software, startups, and technology.

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Last updated 12 years ago

Prepend blog

Technical and personal notes about programming, data, computers, and figuring out problems.

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Last updated 4 weeks ago

Gonçalo Valério

Thoughts, projects and some other stuff

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Last updated 4 weeks ago

Lorenzo Setale's Blog

Lorenzo Setale’s personal blog about technology, life, startup, programming, DevOps and SRE

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Last updated 3 weeks ago

Coding Horror

programming and human factors

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Last updated 2 days ago

Steve Blank Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Steve Blank, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Stanford, I-Corps, H4D Hacking for Defense

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Last updated never before?

Blog - Pankaj Tanwar

Pankaj Tanwar : A self-taught developer, writer & creator who loves to read, write and learn about tech.

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