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Expanding the core network of a wireless ISP

Posted last year.

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Removing my last server?

Posted last year.

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Set Flameshot shortcut on ubuntu

Posted last year.

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March 2022 Blog Statistics

Posted last year.

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Two in a month.

Posted last year.

See 17 more posts from Antarctica Starts Here. The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.

Sharing a Kubernetes cluster between multiple tenants

Posted last year.

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Code without commit

Posted last year.

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Xonsh Shell Combines the Best of Bash Shell and Python in Linux Terminal

Posted last year.

See 86 more posts from It's FOSS - World's Leading Linux & Open Source Web Portal With It's FOSS, you'll learn the latest news from the open source world. You'll also learn to use Linux effectively with top class tutorials and expert tips.

Parsing compressed files efficiently with Rust

Posted last year.

See 12 more posts from Edgar Luque's website This is my personal website, where I post articles and other stuff, usually about coding.

Canada, Ukraine and the End of Democracy

Posted last year.

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What is the end-game in Ukraine?

Posted last year.

See 16 more posts from The Scholar's Stage A forum to discuss the intersections of history, behavioral science, and strategic thought, with an emphasis on East and Southeast Asian affairs.

Cloud (F)OSS is good model

Posted last year.

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Running Storybook from a separate folder

Posted last year.

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Humane Web

Posted 2 years ago.

See 11 more posts from Alvaro Duran Studio The primary source for my writing.

Apple Polishing Cloth

Posted last year.

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A Simple Setup for C and C++

Posted last year.

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Bottle Deposits are Bad Policy

Posted last year.

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Know Your Enemy

Posted last year.

See 182 more posts from City Journal City Journal is the nation’s premier urban-policy magazine, “the Bible of the new urbanism,” as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it.

Detecting pitch with the Web Audio API and autocorrelation

Posted last year.

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Invisible Obvious

Posted last year.

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In defense of user-defined web fonts

Posted last year.

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Graph Data Visualization With GraphQL & react-force-graph

Posted last year.

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Django Friday Tips: Admin Docs

Posted last year.

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OS X Leopard Java development annoyances

Posted 13 years ago.

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Basic Audiophile Essential Buzzwords

Posted last year.

See 21 more posts from Biggest Trends and Talking Points of 2022 I will list the most significant trends in many subjects for 2022. I think most articles share too much fluff; for instance, I read many articles mentioning that companies should be focusing on user experience and that users are fed up with bad ones. That is too generic. I am